Buy, Bi, Bye!

There's been a veritable buying frenzy at the Kapitano household. Father's got an oil lamp from ebay to add to his collection, and mother's got a portable DAB radio (with FM, cassette and CD). Add this to the electric violin, old jazz 45s, books on Java from Amazon, new mobile phones, CDRs and DVDRs, bluetooth cards, and probably other stuff I've forgotten. And then remember we never thrown anything away.

I'm feeling better since I stopped eating chocolate biscuits. Alright, since I ate the last one in the packet. I've wondered whether I might be mildly allergic to chocolate before, but rejected the idea as too horrible to contemplate.

Work on music for the festival was delayed by having an urgent backlog of 30 TNGs and DSNs to burn on CDR. That's urgent as in 'there's no more room on any of the hard drives and there's new stuff we want to record this evening'.

Mark S has finally worked out how to send me non-blank text messages. I think I'll deserve a break in a few days, so I'll arrange a meet soon. I seem to like Mark a lot better since he stopped being out of his tree all the time.

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