Don't be stood up. Stand up.

Mark S wanted to meet tonight, then texted to say he couldn't. I spent far too much time reading and responding to discussion board threads about Doctor Who. But I did at least finally start reading George Novack's essays on 'The Logic Of Marxism'.

With luck, there should be some new songfight titles up tomorrow. I have an itch to write something for it - I'm thinking something in the classic downtempo chillout mode, with sampled acoustic drums, sub-bass, swelling strings and sparse vocals. Of course, if I'm true to form, aiming for that vibe will give me a Gabber/Thrash number at 250BPM by the end of the week.

Applied Acoustics have finally released 'String Studio', which looks amazing, and is far too expensive for me. It's a high quality physical modelling synth for any and every string instrument you can imagine.

I checked out Cymatic - the long awaited and promising PM drum synth - and it looks like it won't be released after all. Looks as though development has stopped. Damn. Good Physically Modelled 'real' drums would be so useful to so many musicians, but no one seems to be making a VST to do it.

Today's insight: People keep busy to avoid getting bored, but their busyness leaves them just as bored as before. Boredom has nothing to do with activiy, something to do with variety, quite a lot to do with meaning, and everything to do with hope.

People who have something to hope for are never bored.

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