The Book of Simon, Chapter 1

Quite an eventful 24 hours.

I'm thinking of starting a second blog, for essays. I occasionally post short essays here, but they don't fit well with the rest of the content, and I abbreviate them too much to be more than outlines.

So, a place on the web for Kapitano's extended musings is a possibility.
I was trying to think of a plausible excuse to avoid sitting in a cramped pub full of revolting drunk people listening to Strict Machines play songs made indeciperable by bad acoustics and overloud guitar.

I couldn't think of one, so went. And was pleasantly surprised. Over the course of two half hour sets, the audiance warmed to the band, giving appreciative cheers at the end.

The vibe was so positive they were persuaded a play a third set.
At the gig, I was introduced to the various friends and friends of friends of the band, including a reintroduction to Simon F, who I met at a previous Strict Machines gig - the one where I was the support act.

He's one of those self taught polymaths in practical matter who has no qualifications and doesn't know what a polymath is. He's also just as good as me at mending computers, and has the kind of open frankness that makes him either a dispised oaf or a valued friend.

He's also gayer than a treeful of pink monkeys on nitrous oxide. Dispite being comfortably bisexual. And yes, gentle reader, I spent the night with him. A night of honest talk and pressureless pleasure.

There is the possibility of a relationship. We're both being very mature and cautious, with no rush about making a decision.

If I end up being half a boyfriend of H, and half a boyfriend to Simon, does that make me a complete boyfriend, or a complete bastard?

It is (a) far too early, and I am (b) far too tierd to think cogently about this. H is fascinating, Simon is comfortable. Whatever happens, they're both good people, and I won't hurt either of them.

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