Wise Wednesday - 14


  1. It's a funny thing. I used to think the lack of a female Mozart could be explained by the fact that women were prevented from hearing any but the most anodyne of 'light' music, and were prevented from receiving the kind of education and/or apprenticeship in which their male counterparts learnt the techniques of composition and orchestration, and that, if they did somehow manage to arrive at 'genius' completely self-taught, would have found no venue prepared to put on a performance, and no musicians prepared to play, and no audience prepared to listen, making the whole impossible task an exercise in futility.

    But now it turns out that it's all because there aren't any female serial killers.

    Apart, obviously, from all the female serial killers.

    My god, Camille Paglia's annoying. So in love with the sound of her own voice - and the sight of her face on a TV screen - that she long ago stopped worrying whether anything she said made even the most basic kind of sense.

  2. Ms Paglia has a very rare skill - to present conventional imbecilities and sophisms as though they were provocative, progressive revelatiions. Pseudoprovocative, pretend ground-breaking, fake left.

    I've long since moved on to Zizek - equally provocative, but much deeper. He may possibly be wrong in everything he says, but if he is, it's not because he's disproven by a cursory familiarity with history, but because he has, so to speak, gone down the wrong wonderland rabbit hole. Which means we've got to find the right one.