Down the U-Tube (Part 2)

A second installment of youtube pointlessness, before I delete my account there and spend at least a week in the healthy open air, sniffing the daisies and admiring the Double Rainbows.

This was from a discussion on gay marriage. Which is to say, an argument about religion. The two seem to be the same thing. This particular discussion had flowed into something about whether 'true' christians were ever tolerant.

mrREDBIRDFAN: In truth you cannot be a liberal Catholic.

Kapitano: Catholics can't be hypocrites? Wow.

SylarDX85: you can be a liberal catholic, but you'll be cherry picking on what you believe and what you don't really believe.

Kapitano: That describes all religious faith. Christians used to hunt witches, but ignore shellfish eaters. Now they hate gay people...and ignore moneylenders. Except for those who cherrypick the opposite way round.

SylarDX85: No it describes those who make there own decisions in the name of faith, even though the faith doesn't reflect there intention.

Kapitano: It's a recent development that the wider western culture has become somewhat less homophobic, and most christians have followed the shift somewhat. Odd how these christians discover 'christian tolerance' only after secular culture does.

SylarDX85: Basically, I am saying I disagree with Gay Marriage, I am Catholic. I don't hate gay people, in fact a good friend of mine is. I think most christians do not hate gays as well, but disagree with it based on there faith. If someone comes out and outright says "Gays suck, I hate Gays", than it's there own words, not the church.

Kapitano: think your friend has less right to marriage than you, because his sexuality is inferior to yours. You'd put it differently, but that's what it comes down to. You don't hate, but you do think you're good enough for a basic right, and he's not.

I appreciate you'd rather go vague on this point, rather than work through it, because that's how most people deal with their inconsistencies.

akuma09: argue with man but you cant argue with God Marriage between one man and one woman, Amen?

Kapitano: Are there any issues where you think god is wrong? Issues where you really wish god had decided differently, and your conscience would be a lot clearer if you didn't? have to follow his rules?

Very few christians even understand that question. Even fewer understand what their confusion shows.

SylarDX85: My friend and I, just have different views on the matter.

Kapitano: It's only a 'just' matter of 'different views' if the views have no practical consequences. As soon as opinions have consequences, it matters a lot whether they're correct or just.

You can't just pretend the difference of opinion doesn't matter, however much you'd like to for the sake of a peaceful friendship.

SylarDX85: Absolutely not. I believe he has the right to have those rights under a union-ship, the same rights as a married? couple, just not under the tittle married. A disagreement goes both ways, he believe his opinion is more correct than mine, and vice versa with mine. It's the respect for each others opinion as it comes down too in which we respect. I believe a marriage is for a man and a woman only. Gays may have the same rights, yes, but not under marriage.

Kapitano: Then the disagreement is possibly the most trivial possible - what to *call* something.

Civil union...marriage. A distinction without a difference. Which does raise the psychological question of why it should be thought *important* that two things, identical for practical purposes, have different names.

It seems like calling a sandwich different things depending on whether I'm eating it with a man or a woman.


  1. Ah yes, sandwiches can be gay, though I often wonder about baguettes.

  2. you cant argue with God

    Really? I do it all the time. It helps keep me honest.

    Marriage [is] between one man and one woman

    I've hear the old "God created Adam and Eve, not Adam and Steve" arguement all the time.

    But last I looked, this is no longer the perfect world God created. If the church wants to debate the semantics of Paradise, fine. But please realise that they don’t always translate well into real life.

    Personally, I don't know why anyone, gay, staight or bug-eyed alien, would even WANT to get married.

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  3. @Camy: Sausage sandwiches can be very gay.

    Especially if there's mayonaise involved.

    @Household Goddess: Arguing with god might keep you honest, but which churches value honesty?

    Those who argue against gay marriage on the grounds that their preferred definition of marriage doesn't extend that far don't seem to realise their notion of 'biblical marriage' includes rape, prostitution, child insemination and men stealing other men's wives.

    Odd how some people can read the bible dozens of times and not notice what it actually contains.

    As for getting married at gives you a few legal advantages. That's the only plus.

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