Singing and the Rain

A dozen annoying things before the gig. The rain, my debit card being rejected, the replacement needing activation, the activation not working, the rain turning to downpour, getting soaked despite an umbrella and coat, the unhelpful sound engineer, a rather small audience because of the dratted rain....

A dozen annoying things after our set. More rain, sex date for later cancelled because of the rain, losing my nice leather gloves, next day my phone stopping working, the temporary replacement while it's being repaired being astonishingly crap, finding that parts of town were literally navigable by sailboard, spending the day carrying ugly furniture down narrow stairs and spending three hours waiting for the frelling removals van to arrive, which it never did....

Oh, and the two bands which had followed ours. One-trick-pony emo-angsty-indie boy-and-guitar acts. Teenage boys with four chords and self-penned 'adult' ballads about eternal love, doomed love and lost love. Talented guys, nice people, but sorry, exactly the kind of thing which bores the shit out of me.

The set itself though...pretty good. One missed cue, one forgotten line...but clear sound, good mixing, tempered guitar playing, and I actually managed to rap perfectly in time.

Several audience members (including strangers) said they liked our 'surprising' trip-hop-rock sound - singling our my synthbass-and-drums backing tracks. Which was nice.

We couldn't record it, but with the main gig coming up in a month - with four other bands, a bigger audience, a larger set and no emo strumming in sight - we've got some practice, some confidence, and even a small following.

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