Down the U-Tube (Part 3)

As a wise man once told me, never attempt a battle of wits with an unarmed man.

motc777: i do not interject my own opinion into this, but rather regurgitate the Word of God.

Kapitano: The bits you find convenient.

motc777: a true Christian speaks the truth which is the Bible

Kapitano: When you start picketing cafes that sell seafood, you might have some credibility.

motc777: I do not cookie cutter the Bible to fit my life, rather, I conform to the bible entirely.

Kapitano: Oh, so you *do* picket cafes that sell seafood. Or anything produced by rotation farming. And you stone churchgoers to death if they need spectacles.

Go read Leviticus 11:9. Remember, God Hates Crabs.

motc777: apparently reading comprehension is not your strong suit? I do not picket seafood restaurants.

Kapitano: Thank you for finally answering the question. So you now admit you pick and chose the biblical rules according to your own prejudices.

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