Down the U-Tube (Part 1)

I think I'm going to take a little holiday from the internet. In a few days I'll take a week or so off, just to see if there really is life outside my laptop screen. And maybe get a few offline-type things done, you never know.

Until then, a daily selection of reasons why the internet is not a healthy place to live, AKA "My Life in Youtube Comments".

Today, Kapitano meets a neo-nazi:

TheWhitevoices: Juden Lugen!

[Jews lie!]

Kapitano: Ist Ihre Kenntnisse in Deutsch so gut, wie Sie Ihr Wissen ├╝ber Deutschland? Du bist komplett voll mit kot. Nicht "Weisse Stimmen", aber "Scheisse Stimmen".

[Is your knowledge of German as good as your knowledge about Germany? You are completely full of horseshit. Not "White Voices", but "Shite Voices."]

TheWhitevoices: English plz.

[Englisch bitte.]


  1. In a couple of days I set out on my World Domination Tour and won't be back 'til early September.

    Let's meet up then.

  2. Is this ship sinking? :-)

    I too am soon (but not soon enough) headed out on holiday. I'll be in a place where there is no television, no wifi and no mobile phone coverage. No wonder they call it Paradise!

  3. Holidays? I remember those. Sort of halcyon, windswept and full of family rows.