How Long do Things Take?

  • To make a small change to my external hard drive, containing all the software, music and miscellaneous data I've backed up for the last few months: About three minutes.

  • To recover all the data accidentally lost in the change: Probably three days. That's three complete days on a computer that's running 24/7. First day almost done now.

  • Time since Rosie was born: A little under four months. She's growing almost visibly - but she's dashing about so much I couldn't get a picture. She's nearly blind and has a heart murmer, but from her energy and confidence, you'd never guess.

  • Time her mother Sadie's been continuously in season since Rosie's birth: Two months. Two virtually consecutive fertile periods - a bit extreme, even for her. Not good for her health, not good for the male dog's state of mind, and not good for us having to deal with three constantly manic boy dogs.

  • Time Sadie was at the vet for spaying: About four hours.

  • Time till she's recovered and the boys get their over-hormoned right minds back: Don't know - maybe a week.

  • How long it took me to realise I was falling for my fuckbuddy: Ten minutes.

  • How long it took me to realise it was a really bad idea and I shouldn't let it happen: Ten seconds.

    Time I had two elderly laptops sitting on a desk, resisting all attempts to fix them: Two weeks. Then the owner called at 00:30 and said he needed them back because he was leaving the country.

  • Time between the call and his flight: Five hours.

  • Time till Darqroom's first band practice: Six days.

  • Time till Darqroom's first public performance: Six days. Yes, there's no opportunity to practice the set before we go onstage. Great forward planning, yes?

  • Duration of our set: Twenty minutes. Five songs

  • Time between songs: Thirty to forty five seconds. We'll be playing a kind of continuous-discontinuous mix. What does that mean Kapitano? It means between songs, there will be prerecorded intros to the next song - I call them 'Overtures', and the idea is even when we're not playing, there's music.

    Here's a sneak preview of my overtures, with snapshots of the last gig I played.


    1. Oh do, do, do record the gig! I thought the overtures worked really well, though the empty carpark somewhat dismayed.

      All the best for it and wotnot.

    2. How long does it take to record your gig and post it here for us to enjoy?

      I don't know, but do it anyway!

    3. Not sure we can record it, but I'll certainly try.

      The second gig though, for which the first is an impromptu last minute practice...will be on the radio! So I'm told.

      Should be able to get that one.

    4. Kapitano takes over the airwaves!
      Don't forget us little poeple when fame and fortune knock on your door.