Down the U-Tube (Part 7)

There's an idea that people who're obsessed with homosexuality and how evil it is are closet gays.

20% of America is obsessed with homosexuality, and how evil it is.


TortoiseWayfarers: What exactly is there to misinterpret about this passage of Biblical scripture? Two men who are physically and sexually intimate, God has told us that their behavior is sending them to hell.

Kapitano: Go take bible study classes - find out which Hebrew word was mistranslated "abomination", and what it really means.

While you're about it, ask about 'Alma' and 'Betulah'.

The real issue of course is not biblical ambiguity or mistranslation, but biblical falsehood.

TortoiseWayfarers: I would be happy to send you a copy of the Holy Bible to England.

Kapitano: I've read several translations. And the gospels in the original Koine Greek. And studied the history of the bible's compilation.

Yes that's right, I know a lot more about the bible than you. That's one reason I'm an atheist, and you're a superstitious moron.

TortoiseWayfarers: Good luck on your imminent journey to the lake of fire and brimstone.

Hell hath no fury!

[Various other threats of eternal hellfire from various posters.]

Kapitano: Do you understand why:

(1) trying to convince someone with threats of postmortem torture is not an intellectually robust argument, and

(2) threatening that someone will go to a place they don't believe in...if they don't believe in it, contains a certain logical inconsistency.


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