Do Not Want

I want to be able to blog from my phone. I want to be able to send an SMS to a special number, and have it appear in my sideblog. I want to be able to do this with text, pictures, audio and maybe even video.

Oh, I don't actually want to do these things. I just want to be able to do them - and what's more, do them without having to rely on wireless availability, spend extra money to access it, or get a new phone.

Perhaps fortunately, I'd have to do all these things, so I won't be mobile blogging anytime soon. Not that I would have been even if I could - erm, if you see what I mean.

It can't be just me that gets annoyed when I can't do something I wouldn't do if I could. Can it?

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  1. Theology is an obstacle course. No one gets through it.
    True :(