Streetwise Sunday - Philanthropy Edition

Trickledown economics in action.

Someone throws out an old duvet because duvet's are a pig to wash and it's easy to buy a new one. The rubbish collectors refuse to take it because:
(a) It's too large, or
(b) It's not in a sack, or
(c) It's in the wrong colour sack (no really, they do that), or
(d) They just feel like it, or
(e) Some combination of the above.

Immediate result: A duvet sitting on the pavement.
Result 18 hours later: A homeless person is warm tonight.

You see? The rich benefit the poor without even intending to. That's why we need rich people to get even richer, so even more crumbs will drop from their table to feed the poor. God bless inequality.

1 comment:

  1. I know a consignment shop where rich bitches drop off their clothing with the price tags still on the items.

    When I asked the salesperson about this, she replied that loads of women go shopping just for the hell of it and never wear what they buy.