Streetwise Sunday - Very Slightly S&M Edition

My current favourite find.

Gloves on railings...meh. Barely worth snapping.

Ah, but it's actually a pair. And they're leather. And they fit me!

So now they're part of my stage costume. Actually, my stage costume will be whatever I'm wearing at the time, plus the motorcycle gloves.

Yes, I like them that much. And no, I do not own a motorbike.


  1. And no, I do not own a motorbike.

    ... yet!

  2. @Camy: You think I should get a bike to go with the gloves? And a leather jacket with 'Kapitano' on the back in studs.

    Don't think I'm ready for that kind of mid-life crisis :-).

    @MJ: Not OJ's trial...MJ's Trial!

    (Captcha verification: Subily. Hmmm.)