Down the U-Tube (Part 5)

In real life, it can take you weeks to realise a person is a little bit crazy, because they're normal in most respects. On the internet, it's the other way around.

Havinanicedaze666: How is a gay suppose to pass on a gene? They can't, quit saying you're born gay, IMO its all based on how a person is raised.

Kapitano: Oh so that's why different cultures have different proportions of gay people.

Oh hang on. They don't.

Havinanicedaze666: So how did? our ancestors pass on the gay gene? I don't have anything against gays. I'm just sick of them saying they're born gay, they didn't!

Kapitano: It's a good question, but based on an uncertain premise. There's the? obvious problem with the 'inherited sexuality' model that sexualities which reduce the chances of reproduction would become less common over the generations.

Instead of imagining a gene set which determines sexuality like the one which determines eye colour, think of a [genetically constructed] weighted random number generator - one which produces a 1 on the Kinsey scale (say) 75% of the? time, a 7 3%, a 5 9% and so on.

This model explains the failure of homosexuality to die out, the (so far as we? can know) fairly consistent frequencies of different sexualities over time...and perhaps the regional variations within this 'fairly consistent' scheme, as the genetically encoded generator shifts its weightings slightly by mutation.

Havinanicedaze666: That hypothesis doesn't only support gays, it also supports rapist, child molesters, murderers, and etc.

Kapitano: There's no reason why? it should be extended in such a way. Murder, rape etc vary with culture, upbringing, socioeconomic status etc. Sexual orientation does not.

chrisdiggidy: Murder and rape is always murder and rape.

Kapitano: No one has claimed otherwise. Read the post again. Murder is now very common in Iraq; a decade ago it was not. See if you can work out what has changed in that period.

There is no evidence that proportions of different sexual orientations have changed in the same period - though attitudes to them certainly have. They've gone backwards.

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