Mine Style

One of the songs we might end up covering is Mein Teil, the German Cannibal song from Rammstein. And I could just about do it in German, but in case I can't, here's my English translation:

Verse 1:Looking for a gentleman,
A man of taste to share a plan.
Soft sweet parts and even hard
On the menu, no charade.

For you are
What you eat.
Flesh is grass.
One man's meat.

'Cos this is my hide.
My hide.
'Cos this is my hide.
My hide.

Verse 2:
Now sharpen blade for willing stud.
Feeling sick and losing blood.
Have to fight to stay awake.
Keep on feeding while I shake.

This meal is made with love
And a searing flame
And it is served with pride
On white porcelain.
I chose a special wine
And soft candlelight
Because I take my time
To make it all just right.

Verse 3:
A scream it breaks though heaven's skin
Cutting through angelic wings.
Feather flesh falls from the skies
Onto my childhood, shrieking cries.

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