Sit, Stay, Pull

The last update has three replies. See if you can spot which one (a) isn't a thinly disguised advert (b) is worth reading and (c) I was actually pleased to recieve.
The XP reinstallation (using a Symantec Ghost file)decided to work like a dream - after failing twice before. But the modem still doesn't work. Or more likely, there's something wrong with the drivers.

Thus tomorrow will be spent recording vocals and sitting in queues for the freeserve helpdesk.
Taxi journeys home from John's computer are always interesting. Tonight's driver was an angelic looking welshman with an encyclopedic knowledge of fringe science concerning perception and communication.

Photoreading, telepathy, lucid dreams, body language, savant abilities, and a shedload of other stuff. All backed up with fragments of pop science and confidently presented factoids.

Happily married for 24 years with three talented sons, probably described by friends as "an extremely nice bloke, but a bit wierd". I rather liked him.
Sion R wants me to co-produce his album. It'll be a few weeks till his vocals are re-recorded to his satisfaction - and till the bass player gets back from eastern europe to record his bits - so there's no rush.

Infra Rouge are essentially a school heavy metal band with english teacher on lead vocals. Quite a change from the ultra-professional Strict Machines to a bunch of laid back teenagers.
Oh yes, Dino's life has developed in two ways today. He has started training in obedience classes, and he's discovered he likes to play tug-of-war with my socks.

I will soon be needing some new socks.

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