Make a Joyful Sound

I've got some preliminary lyrics for the 'Joy Division Homage' song - provisionally titled Division of Joy, but if there's time I'll record it for songfight as I'm Going Away For A While. The lyrics at present are half doggeral and half what I want to say.

I listen
To your wordlessness
And wait
For the silence to break

Verse 1:
It happened the moment you fell
If you can't say to me you can't tell
What you saw
Don't pretend nothing has changed
Don't tell me we are the same
As before

We can run
We can fight
We can scream the truth till there's nothing but lies
We can talk
We can shout
We can build our love till there's nothing but doubt


Verse 2:
If there's something that you want to say
If you want me to just go away
I will go
I knew it the moment we met
Either we talk or you try to forget
I don't think so


It's in C Minor, at 110 BPM, and based rather loosely on Atmosphere, which is about the same tempo and I think in C# Minor.