Been Reading the Bible Again

I've come up with a song for this week's SongFight, for the title 'Boundaries'. It's about the sense of vertigo that hits when someone loses their religion. Moral certainties are no longer garrunteed by obscure lines from an old book. Boundaries between right and wrong, true and false, important and trivial seem disconcertingly free to slip around when no longer held in place by church authority.

Unfortunately, I can't find a way to insert the title into the lyrics. Well, this is how they stand at the moment:

One choice
Two trees
One bite of the apple
And now we are free
One sin
Two sons
One moment of anger
Cannot be undone

(No one)
No one to forgive me
(No one)
No one to blame
(No more)
No one to decieve me
(No more)
No more games to play

One child
Three kings
Tell it on the mountain
Now rise up and sing
One cross
Three nails
Silver in my pocket
The price of betrayal