Now We're in the Mood

Sion R has a nice shiny new computer. For which he has requested multitracking software and training. And probably help plugging it in.

Speaking of shiny new computers, Simon M wants one. So tomorrow's lunch will be one of his wonderful culinary creations with more calories than a weightlifter needs in a week.

We'll go through the various suppliers and specifications, but I'll recommend a cheap (£300) Dell machine. 2.6GHz, XP Home, 512MB RAM, 80GB HD, 17'' CRT Monitor, DVD Combo.
My kitchen is full of fruit. Apples, pears, bananas and figs. I gave the oranges and passion fruit a miss. And what the hell is a butternut?

Father is mystified that figs can be eaten raw. They can be eaten raw, can't they?

Anyway, there's now no excuse for snacking on biscuits. The 70% coaca chocolate I got with them has given me a spacey buzz and a headache.

H used to look at me in wonderment and say "You're not meant for this world, are you?"
I've got the 'cassette digitisation' machine set up again. Currently transferring Jeff Wayne's War of the Worlds and the BBC radio production of The Hobbit to mp3.

There's Lord of the Rings, Hitch-Hiker (first two seasons) and Lost in Space lying around on cassettes we no longer have the facilities to play. Plus about 100 Open University course casssttes and 200 music cassettes.

We've rediscovered the piano teaching course called 'Play it Today' - consisting on about 30 cassettes and booklets. It's been sitting in a quiet corner for about 15 years since Mother and I tried to learn. I don't think I got past lesson 1. I'll copy it to mp3 and see whether I can learn some basic keyboard technique at some point.