Food Glorious Food

I'm Hungry! Three cups of tea and two apples haven't helped, and there's a bar of chocolate sitting on the bed just beckoning to be devoured. Oh there's no actual empty stomach feeling - just a craving to stuff something edible (and preferably sweet) into my mouth.

Anyway, the upshot is that twelve hours into my invigorating healthy lifestyle, I'm distracted, bored, somewhat ratty and constantly thinking about the one thing I can't have.

It's a bit like being in love with someone who's 100 miles away, in that respect.

Lee S and Simon M have given up smoking, Christina C and her man John have stopped eating meat, John M has forsworn sugar, and my brother and his girlfriend have shed stone simply by having small portions of everything.

I'm off to have some more tea. And no chocolate. Mmmm...chocolate.
EDIT: Alright, alright. I ate it.