Kill the Wabbit

See if you can identify a pattern in my life at the moment.

* Tuesday night was spent installing Word and typing on John M's computer.
* Wednesday and/or Thursday night will be spent typing to figure out what's gone wrong with Christina C's computer.
* A large part of Friday will be spent helping Simon M get a new computer.
The typing was because John has recieved several commissions to write articles, and although he's written six books and innumerable columns and essays, he still writes them out in longhand and dictates them to whoever has the keyboard skills he lacks.

These articles are for translation into Korean. John has become a minor celebrity in the worlds of Korean art and politics since several of his pamphlets and shorter books were translated.

South Korea doesn't have many good theorists of it's own yet. It's developing some, but in the meantime, it's importing from the west.

I rather like the idea of being mentioned in a footnote as amenuensis to a seminal figure in the rebirth of Korean political theory. A shadowy figure known to specialists.
Yesterday I mentioned missing H. Today he initiates an exchange of text messages. He's been working as a teacher for three weeks, but has yet to do any teaching - it's all been staff meetings.

If I had to sit through three weeks of meetings, I'd feel like stabbing someone by the end of it.
I ought to go vegitarian. For three reasons:
(1) It's cheaper
(2) It's healthier
(3) I wouldn't have indigestion half of my waking hours.

There is a word I've found for my usual state: Wabbit. Nothing to do with Elmer Fudd, it means "tierd and feeling slightly ill", and I'm sure a diet of tea, chocolate and english breakfasts is partly to blame.

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