I Can't Write Love Songs

I finally got a demo version of 'Rattle' recorded. I'm not sure if I'm in tune in some parts, but most of the effects worked.

I'm rather fond of the 'telephone echo', where the vocal is normal, but it's echo sounds like it's being looped through a telephone reciever - degrading with each repitition.
I've got in touch with Sean R (not to be confused with Sion R) about physical modelling algorithms.

Apart from being my very first employer (back in 1987), he's a proper muso, a mathematician, a programmer, and he's spent the last decade designing ultra-high quality sound systems.

In short, he can tell me all the important things that don't get printed in articles about mass-spring paradigms and d'Alambert equations.

I'm trying to give myself a crash course in the applied mathematics involved - not easy but absolutely necessary.
There's all sort of things I ought to get for the studio. A pair of headphones that don't bleed into the mic would be a start - except they cost around £120.

A reasonably condenser microphone for my quiet vocals might set me back £50.

Of course, I say 'studio'. I mean a souped up PC (3GHz, 1024MB RAM and Semi-Pro soundcard), two unplugged MIDI keyboards, two general purpose dynamic microphones, and a lot of leads. Oh, and the 8-track.
On the one hand, I miss H. On the other, given that I'm not allowed to feel about him the way I could, I want to feel that way about someone else.

I managed perfectly well for 32 years without feeling emotionally dependant on anyone. Now there's an odd gap - a sense of incompleteness - just large enough for one special person.


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  2. It is remarkable. You write something with a degree of personal and emotional involvement and what do you get as a response? Spam!

    If I were you, I'd switch off the Notification system that alerts other 'blogs' concerning your own one.

    In all the time I have been using blogspot, I have never received any spam as a comment. This could be as a result of what I have written, but I rather suspect that it is down to relative anonymity and obscurity.

    Always the best options, if you ask me (which you didnt, so that probably doesn't count).

    For ironic value, I should fill the last few lines up with advertisements for Spam, Viagra, or someething... only I can't.