Move On, Nothing to See

What a dull week. Apart from some fairly positive reviews in SongFight and an unexpected but welcome sexual encounter last night, it's all been a little too peaceful.
Demo tomorrow. Essentially a way to retain cohesion in the Stop The War movement, and a a signal to the government and media that it's still going. We're optimistically expecting 100,000 to turn up.

Once, three or four years ago, 100,000 would be considered a big demo. In the days of the anti-Vietnam war protests, it would have been a major event. Now, it's just another walk through central London.

There's a general feeling that none of us are fired up to go, but we're obliged. This is what happens when principles remain but enthusiasm has been beaten down. The mid-term blues of any long-haul protest movement.
I have a number of things do after tomorrow. Three elderly computers have developed problems again weeks after I fixed them. So that's three visits to comrades with associated meals in 'sort-of payment'.

Simon M needs assistance with putting the entire contents of his house onto Ebay. So make that four comrades. And one of his stunningly calorific puddings.

I need to submit my CV to the GTTR - and revise some more maths and physics for if/when I get accepted.

Strict Machines have a gig on Monday, in a venue so disorganised the promoters aren't quite sure which building it's in. I should drop in just to hear the 20 or so new songs.

Oh yeah, and write some more music.