Kapitano, Live Transmission

Strict Machines have 40 minutes worth of new material. Some isn't quite complete yet, but I've never known them to abandon work on a piece - it always gets completed.

All this new stuff was written since the last EP was completed. If it weren't good stuff, I wouldn't be envious of that level of output. It usually takes me between two and four hours just to write the lyrics - and unlike the band, I usually have to get them mostly finished all in one sitting.

Anyway, it looks like the first full length album of Strict Machines will soon be on it's way. I'm not yet fully familliar with the portable recorder, and I'll just have to hope it's sound quality - lower than my semi-pro soundcard - can be cleaned up in production.
The other thing about lyrics writing is: It consists mainly of staring at a blank screen, making notes and lists of rhymes, until quite suddenly it all comes together. The same for revising lyrics.

Here's my revision of Division, so to speak.

I listen
To your wordlessness
And wait
For the silence to break

Verse 1:
Don't pretend nothing has changed
Don't tell me we are the same
As before
Did you think I could not make you cry?
Did you think I would leave you to lie
On the floor?

We can run
We can fight
We can find the truth till there's nothing but lies
We can talk
We can shout
We can build our love till there's nothing but doubt


Verse 2:

Remember the day when we met?
Were you hoping that I would forget?
I think so
If there's something you want to say
If you want me to just go away
I will go


Chorus + Pre-Verse (x2)

The day began with a call from Simon M, wanting me to help him pay for ebay stuff with paypal. My payment for services rendered was two packets of custard creams.

The day continued with a call from Paul T, asking about getting him broadband, and if I could possibly book him to speak sometime soon at a forum - seeing as I'm the nominal forum organiser.

Tomorrow there's a meeting in the evening followed by re-fixing Christina C's creaky old PC. And before that there's a song or two to record.