TV, Chocolate, Alcohol

"Division" more or less finished and submitted as "I'm Going Away for a While". I'm not happy about the vocal processing, or the unremittingly feel of the piece, but it'll do as a sketch.

It seems that in a moment of madness I offered to lend my spare TV to Simon M while his was being repaired. Well, he now has my TV and laptop.

He cooked us a healthy low fat stir fry in accordance with our diets. And then a chocolate and rum soufle with cream that wasn't. Followed by a few hours in a pub in which I got slowly sozzled on the rum and cokes he bought me.

There was a band playing in the corner. Unpromisingly called 'Demerara', they were a drum machine, sequencer, girl backing singer and boy guitarist/singer who was too cute to be that talented. They played very well and it was very entertaining for a stream of standard covers - Comfortably Numb, Don't You Want Me, Rio. And Opps I did It Again.

I have solomnly promised to go out leafletting tomorrow - pushing RESPECT election leaflets through a few thousand letterboxes.