Listen to the Silence

A quick catch-up before I go to bed. Another sound-but-obvious meeting last night, mainly concerned with problems faced by the anti-war movement. Possibly the most intractable problem isn't the anti-islamic propaganda that's coming from all sides - ironically it's the failure of the pro-war propaganda.

The great british public have been largely suckered into believing muslims are homogenous, evil, consumed by hate, fanatical and suicidal. But, they can see plainly see what a disaster the occupation of Iraq has been. Shows you just how inconsistant human thought can be.

The problem is no longer that the public scoff at anti-war and anti-occupation ideas - they're in broad agreement. The problem is their sense of powerlessness and apathy. You can agrue with disbelief, but not with defeatism.
I went mainly to get a lift from Christina C (or her current manfriend) to have another stab at their computer. Neither turned up because Christina's daughter Hailey (or however she spells it) is in late pregnancy and needed to be rushed to hospital with a serious gastric infection. Not nice at all.

Eddie (Christina's ex-manfriend) was there however, and his computer needed fixing. He organises a group of army veterans, mainly by internet, He bought me a couple of drinks and we spent hours trying to get his modem to work. And that, your honour, is how I drunkenly spent the night with a soldier.
Today, I recorded the vocals for 'Division', and then came up with a quick Joy Division pastiche for a backing track. And found they didn't quite fit together. It was like a bad remix, where the vocal goes formally with the music, but doesn't fit into it's nooks and crannies.

Go for a take tomorrow, tweak the music, and submit to songfight. Hopefully.
I've spent most of the last six weeks feeling weary for no good reason, and tonight it's especially bad. Eight hours sleep might help. Goodnight.