I'm Stupid and I Can't Sing

The day started quite well. The multitracker arrived. It's about the size of a bulky laptop, so it'll fit in a suitcase or mailbag. Turns out it does have an internal metronome.
As I was working on John M's computer last night, I had the persistant feeling that I was missing something astoundingly obvious. After a few calls to John and PC World, it turns out I was. The discs marked 'Recovery' actually are what they claim. Not just the bundle of drivers and software they seemed.

This evening there's a meeting, after which I'll go back with John and try to put the machine back to factory state. But take a load of other installation disc along just in case.
I tried to record 'Rattle' this afternoon, and although I'm more or less in tune, my singing voice sounds incredibly breathless and weedy. It come out as though I've been living on KFC for ten years and smoking 40 high tar cigarettes a day.

It's now past the deadline for songfight submission anyway. I'll try again later, but right now it's just frustrating and depressing me.


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  3. You're not stupid and you can sing! Though why you want to get married in Northampton I'll never fathom.
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