Today I tried to transfer a gigabyte of data from a desktop to a laptop. Sounds reasonably simple. The laptop (called 'Rincewind') can't be networked. The desktop (called 'Greebo') can be - and is - networked, but only on one network at a time.

So, I disconnect the BNC cable from Greebo, and connect the RJ45 to both. Nothing. I reset both, and Greebo mysteriously asks several times for the MS-Office 2000 installation disk. But...Rincewind recognises Greebo, and they spend a happy half hour copying files.

I switch off Rincewind, and try to disconenct Greebo. And can't. The RJ45 cable is stuck fast in it's slot. And half the icons have disappeared from the desktop. And all my emails have vanished, together the Internet Explorer favourites list, and all Outlook Express settings. GAH!

All the software seems installed, but reset. Even the windows colour scheme is back to default. Mysterious, annoying, and worrying. Is this going to happen every time I move files to my little laptop?

Anyway. I'm set to record the first episode of Nathan Barley. I haven't seen a single positive review, but hey, this is a Chris Morris project. He's my absolute favourite commedian, and it generally takes the mainstream media a few months to 'get' his work. Before they copy it badly.

Also to be recorded - The Rocky Horror Picture Show! It all looks curiously innocent and harmless now. It might just be me getting old, but I now enjoy the music more than the costumes, jokes, and attitude. Nick? Are you reading this? Bet you'll be watching it! "I'm just a beat trance-vestite."

Oh yes, and I'm thinking of getting an N-Pod. Not an I-Pod, an N-Pod. Half the price, none of the cool, and more of the functionality. I'm recording all these radio music shows and documentaries, but can only listen to them with a computer. There's no shortage of time to hear them, but most of it's spent traveling or sitting in waiting rooms. So, a portable MP3 player seems a good idea.

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