Pluck, strum, distort

I've come up with a backing track for this week's Songfight. It's mainly an excuse to get familliar with the Revitar guitar synthesiser - which is lucky, as the four available titles are complete rubbish, and so's the track.

No lyrics yet, and indeed no choice of title. And I'm not sure I'll be able to sing it anyway - the effects of my cold are still lingering. So, this is probably a 'learning experience' i.e. an exercise that's pointless in itself, but generates skills useful for the future.


  1. Strange
    I thought 'God Will Give You Blood to Drink' or @Gallows Hill' were rather good.
    No accounting for taste ;-)

  2. Guess which titles I liked? Yep, the same.

    I've got the backing to work, and got a first draft
    of lyrics for 'Gallow's Hill'. Not sure I like them, but
    here they are:

    VERSE 1:
    Sitting like a statue in a prison cell
    Waiting for the chiming of the morning bell
    My name erased from history, my only real sin
    Was trying to change the system from within

    Final day
    Final resting place
    Final home
    Hanging from a rope

    VERSE 2:
    I could have planted bombs or started petrol fires
    Or blackmailed crooked beaurocrats with cheating wives
    I could have tried to make them change one bullet at a time
    That would be worth dying for, a real crime