Don't You Wish You Were More Like Me? I Do.

It's 0431. The entire room is cleaned and rearranged. The computer has a brand new installation of Windows 2000. And after four straight hours of running through permutations of cables, cards and drivers, I can record TV programs on the computer. Or could if the right codecs were installed.

Unfortunately, I've no idea which combination made it suddenly start working after hours of nothing. If there's one thing I hate almost as much as being unable to solve a problem, it's not knowing exactly how I solved it. I have a perverse urge to deinstall everything and start again, just so I can know what I did right.

Time for sleep. The downside of tomorrow (later today, after sleep) is that I have 6000 words of almost illegible handwriting to deciper and transcribe. And it's urgent. The upside is that I'm seeing H afterwards. Goodnight.

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