Is the pope in a coma?

Before you do anything, you've got to do six other things first. And any unexpected free time will immidiately be occupied by something that wasn't urgent when you didn't have time to do it.

Anyway, I've got my secondary TV and film recording system set up and running nicely, plus a filing system for it. I found the dictaphone while looking for something else, so perhaps my blatherings will go into that instead of this blog for all the see.

Oh, and the studio is now finally set up to record. I just haven't actually given myself time to record the song I set it up to record. Do it tommorrow. Yeah.

H is feeling rotten again - either he's got my recurrant cold or I've got his. Hence he's lying in bed sniffing and studying, while I'm sitting here sniffing and surfing. Seeing each other is the other thing that's being put off till tomorrow.

Oh yes, there's a documentary soon called 'Is torture a good idea?'. Watch out for 'Eugenics: The forgotten ideal', 'Why we have too much freedom', 'Homosexuals: Sick or just criminal?' and 'Should we gas gypsy scum?'

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