Not the Theory of Human Labour

I think work expands by meiosis and mutation. Every task divides into several smaller tasks, which then grow to the size of the original the more you examine them, before dividing again. They also change, so an idea about recording freeview broadcasts on your bedroom computer becomes a plan to rearrange the entire room so the arial can go next to the window.

There are also recessive tasks that suddenly become dominant. A few days ago I said I wouldn't mind transcribing a handwritten essay into digital form. This morning I get a quietly panicked phone call that the essay is finished, but late. And 6000 words. And neither of us can think of anyone else who (a) knows their way around a keyboard and (b) could actually understand the essay.

Note to self: You're much better at diagnosing technical problems than political ones. Your task in history is act as technical support and amenuensis to much greater thinkers. Some day, after the revolution, someone will write a slim biography of you - Kapitano: Screwdriver Of The Masses.

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