I can breathe again. My nostrils are (mostly) unblocked, my throat no longer rattles (much), and the headache is (almost) gone. Feels wonderful. Nose is still a bit sore though.

One reason I record all those science fiction serials is so I can watch them while ill or too tired to do anything else. This virus got me through the first two seasons of Farscape.
The N-Pod seems to have a bug. After it's been fully charged, the MP3s on it all play silently, until it gets connected via USB to a computer, after which they play as before. Very strange, and rather annoying. The FM radio and other functions still work fine, but the most important one - playback - doesn't.

This, and the rather limited fastforward and rewind, and the small number of filename characters displayed, and the lack of delete or move functions, and the relative quietness of playback, mean I'm not completely over the moon about it. It is a good piece of kit - with some annoying ideosyncrasies.
Nick has recorded a good little song for SongFight, titled Hollywood Fantasy. Imagine a melancholy grungy reggae lounge ballad. No, I can't either, and I've heard it :-). It's good, and it makes me realise how much I've missed making music for the last few months.

One lyric I must work into a song someday: "One night of cockbang makes a strong man stumble."
Oh lord, it's 0500. How did it get to be five in the morning?

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