How did it get to be four in the morning again? Oh well, no sooner do I get a system of video capture set up, than BBC3 start showing Farscape - a show I always enjoyed, but only saw patchily.

I've got a two-tier system for capturing video from Freeview. For programs like documentaries where crystal clarity of picture isn't essential, a realtime encoding of the live signal into DivX (925kbps, 'Standard' speed, Deinterlacing source) and MP3 (128kbps, 44.1KHz, Mono). For films and special serials, an encoding of the signal to MJPEG (quality level 18) and PCM WAV (44.1KHz, Mono), then a recoding of that to the same settings as the realtime capture, except at 'Slow' speed, with Psychovisual processing and cropping as necessary.

That paragraph will mean nothing to anyone who hasn't run a similar operation.

What's it called when you're tierd and want to sleep, but mysteriously can't? I lie down in bed and completely fail to drift off. Whatever it's called, I've got it. And my brain is too fuzzy to do any useful reading.

AS has sent me an email again. He's asian, shy, and wants to have sex with me. If I hadn't put on so much weight and got so busy the last few weeks, I'd do it without hesitation. As it is, I have an essay to write by the 17th, and something like 35 pounds to somehow lose.

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