Remind me why I'm doing this?

The afternoon nap managed to last nearly 5 hours, and I awoke refreshed and alert. It's now four in the morning again, and after spending several hours installing and deinstalling codecs and drivers and software, my head is again full of porridge. BUT I now know the cause of the problem.

Of two identical looking but slightly different PCI cards, I've got the wrong one installed! So it's just a simple matter of deinstalling all the drivers, opening up the computer, changing over the cards, reinstalling the drivers, and going through all the tests again to make sure it works properly.

Unfortunately, I've lost the screwdriver.

So I think I'll go and have some early breakfast instead. H said I ought to look after myself - sleep regular hours, exercise, and eat sensibly. I'm sure it is possible to do all these things and not turn into a person so boring it would turn a Jehovis Witness to stone. It's Saint Augustine said, "Oh Lord, make me pure. But not yet."

EDIT: It's 0645 and all the hardware is working perfectly with all it's software. So now I can turn it off until I actually have a reason to use it. H is right about sleep, but as it's another 18 hours until normal people go to sleep, I think I'll do it now.

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