Thanks Mum

Aren't mother's wonderful? This morning I woke up briefly when she looked in on me. I mumbled something about needing to upgrade computers with RAM. She agreed, and I went back to sleep. Then I wake up at midday to find she's gone and bought us both some RAM for our computers.

With my memory capacity doubled to 1024MB, I run a few tests. And find the same crashes with the same error messages as before. So, stuck for anything else to try, I install a different MJPEG codec, and now it's all running perfectly.

So now it's all set up to record Farscape and Anatomy for Beginners - an intetesting combination.

Oh, I notice a new Freeview channel - Teachers TV. From the website it looks crushingly dull, patronising, but occasionally useful for someone who might end up being a teacher - like me or H. I'll offer to record some programmes for H, though something tells me the opportunity to study even more rubbish about teaching theory won't appeal to him.

Right. I have eight days to write a short essay on the role of water in human biology. It's not difficult, and is therefore not very interesting, and will therefore be left until the night before the deadline. But I can at least read the source book.

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  1. the role of water in human biology:
    It's wet, rather important and we drink it. Especially at 4.30am, though not Necessarily.