Definitely working now. Promise.

Never overlook the little things. Like checking to make sure the 'Line In' and 'Line Out' ports in your video capture card weren't labeled the wrong way round by the manufacturer. That way, you stand less chance of recording a week's worth of television with no sound.
Tonight was the second classroom lecture on my course. I learned more in an hour about greenhouse gasses than in the past decade. It's not surprising people get confused.

Trying to explain to someone on the street that the window of Infra-Red absorbtion between CO2 and H2O is filled by N2O and CCI3F, which let through high frequency IR but partially absorb and re-emit reflected low frequency IR, but that CCI3F (aka CFC) destroys O3, which filters UVA...

Anyone who understand that paragraph will already be aware of the danger. So that presumably excludes David Bellamy.
On the way home, I listened to a cold war spy thriller on my (slightly buggy) N-Pod. While gently lusting after the procession of young men in track suits getting on and off the bus.

Oh, and resisting the impulse to put bricks through the Tory party's election posters. "If you put more police on the streets, they'll catch more criminals." "It isn't racist to restrict immigration." "No one has an absolute right to freedom."

One of these sentences isn't being used on the posters. Which one?
H really is stupendously overworked right now. Writing a textbook and simultainously doing intensive teacher training and learning French would tax anyone - and amazingly, he thinks he's the disorganised one. If he's got the strength, and if we're both feeling okay, we'll have the chance to veg out to a dumb movie on Saturday.

And then we can drink, disagree on a political issue, hug, and part happy till next time.
Possible song title: Deaf In The Family

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