Things to Do, People to See

Grumpy? Me? Moi?

Well, yes. But as someone much wiser than me once said, "Scratch a cynic and you'll find a romantic."
The year may be new, but some things don't change. Like computers going wrong. Mine crashed a few times while processing video so I tried installing updated drivers - a process which somehow deinstalled almost all the systems device drivers. Huh!

I tried to use NovaStor ghost images to roll the system back to when it was stable in November - and found all my ghost images were unreadable. I didn't know what had been causing the crashes, or the extent of the damage done by the deinstaller, so the best bet seemed a complete reinstall.

Meanwhile, one of Mother's computers refuses to recognise it's largest hard drive, and it's slowing down. Simon M's computer has contracted some really sneaky spyware, Christina C's laptop won't network anymore, and John M loses his internet access at odd times.

In short: I have a full social calender right now.
Right, New Year's Resolutions:

(1) Eat properly
(1.1) Minimal chocolate
(1.2) Lots of fruit and vegetables
(1.3) Less snacking and fried junk

(2) Exercise
(2.1) Bicycle
(2.2) Weights
(2.3) The gym stuff in the basement

(3) Learn C++
(3.1) Make a start on those VST and sound projects
(3.2) Revise the necessary maths

(4) All that reading stuff I keep meaning to do. Do some of it.

(5) Record an album. So there.
(6) Don't leave it till tomorrow.
UPDATE: Five hours later. I thought it might be a nice idea, seeing as I was doing an OS installation from scratch, to try Windows XP. Well I did. And after I got it through the 'copying files' stage by swapping backup discs around until it found a readable copy of all the kept crashing in the final 'stretch' of setup.

So now I'm once again back with Windows 2000. Nothing installed except Sevice Pack 4 and a load of drivers for the peripherals. It's working perfectly, and I'm afraid to do anything in case it explodes. Here goes.

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