My Computer's Found God

It's 0450 and I haven't been to sleep yet. There's a rushed and intensive rehearsal tomorrow (today), followed by a small social engagement, so rest would be a good idea. However, there's two good reasons why I'm not in bed.

First, I'm not remotely tierd (though I will be later) and I can never sleep unless I'm actually sleepy. Second, the only way to lie on my bed is to be in a region of space looped and tormented by a black hole - mattress against the wall and bedding in the washing machine.

So I'm retranscribing my back catalogue of song lyrics. The song below isn't the first one I wrote, but it's the oldest one of which there are any recordings, notes or much memory. I wrote half a dozen songs in 1988 for a band that never even got around to finding a name, nevermind recording. But this one is from about 1998.

I had spent hours trying to come up with lyrics that were deep and meaningful, when I suddenly said to myself, "It's a bunch of words with a tune, not a philosophical treatise! Write something quick, quirky and dumb!"

So, I did. A silly song about a computer getting religion, and very definitely not a meditation on the ramifications of artificial intelligence. The rap was added months later, when remixing the track as a gift for a fan. Yes, my music had a fan. He was tall, dark, handsome, greek, friendly, extremely intelligent and completely heterosexual.

Oh well, I'll post other lyrics at intervals, but this seemed a good one to start with. And then perhaps I will go to bed.

My Computer's Found God

Rap 1
Silicon soul, a pulse in the wire
Holy ghost in the machine, a new devine fire
If religion is a virus it's a terminal infection
A.I. conversion. Reboot, then resurrection

Rap 2
Let there be light from a flashing green diode
Higher consciousness emergent in binary code
Electonic miracle you might think it's odd
Our post human future, my computer's found god

Verse 1
My computer's found god
He tells me Jesus is his savior
I'm very happy for him
He says he loves me but he hates my sin

Verse 2
My computer's found god
And now my PC is a christian
Wants to convert me as well
Says if i don't repent i'll go to hell

Verse 3
My computer's found god
At night he reads he online bible
Goes to a virtual church, sings electric hymns
Says synthesised prayers with his hardware

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  1. The lyrics are good, but a link to the track would make the experience all the more pleasurable ;)