In response to a request for shorter posts, here's one that doesn't tell you much about my day, but is almost cirtainly shorter than tomorrow's.
It looks like I'll be managing the Respect site for Portsmouth. Actually, there's three of us on the 'board', but Dave freely admits he knows nothing about HTML or design and doesn't have the software, and Gareth is in the same situation and doesn't have the time anyway. So, in the party of the unskilled the dabbler is technician, and that's me.
Dino has decided the best game in the world is called "Toehunt". This involves involves jumping up onto the bed covers, finding the bit that contains human feet, and savaging them.

Whining, barking, digging and gnawing at the bedclothes, chasing moving feet around, and searching for a way in. Should he find a way under the covers, he will then heppily spend hours treating each toe as though it were a rat to be cornered, growled at, gripped and shaken. He is of course completely incapable of doing damage or causing pain.

Toehunt is best played at 0130 when everyone's trying to sleep, or 0630 in the morning, at least an hour before they want to wake up. In the daytime, he can always play tug-of-war with a sock.
The adjective "Foodal" scores 320 hits on Google. As opposed to an impressive 13,900 for "Foodaholic" but a mere 2 for "Foodomaniac" and "Foodiferous".

Passing quickly over Foodality and Foodoo, Related terms include Foodalism, Foodalicious, Rude Food. and Ruder Food.

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  1. Balls. I was convinced Foodal was a first. Damn Google.
    Give Dino my regards and tell him to trademark 'Toehunt' fastest. Could be all the rage; like Monopoly.
    Congrats on the Respect website, you political animal you.
    Erm... Isn't your MP in the Big Brother house?