Self Facilitating Media Node

Back from the skeptical interlude. More of mother's gadgets arrived in the post today, with my latest job rejection letter.

My probable favourite is the "Media Hub", which has the slogan "Create Convenient Multimedia Lifestyle". So what does a Media Hub do, and what is a Multimedia Lifestyle, and is there an Inconvenient Multimedia Lifestyle?

The Media Hub turns out to be...a headphone and microphone cord extension. One end plugs into the soundcard, and the other end (the Hub part) sits on your desk, with your phones and mic plugged into it.

There's also some bluetooth stuff - a headset with earpiece and microphone, a transmitter/reciever which plugs into a USB port, and another worn on a chain around the neck - it looks like a high-tech medallion. As soon as we can figure out which is the 'On' button, we'll be able to...actually, I'm not sure what we'll be able to do.
I've trawled my way through Ebay's official complaints service. I tell PayPal about the camera, and they tell Ebay, who tell the vendor, who tell the supplier, who either send me another camera, or tell the vendor to refund, or decide to be awkward.

How are you supposed to prove that an envelope arrived empty? Presumably Ebay's legal eagles recognise an intractable epistemological problem when they see one.

These things can take months, so I'll probably get another camera in the meantime.
It seems there are two Media Hubs, and one of them is for my birthday on the 17th. Mother's are good, aren't they?

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