My Eyes are Dim, I Cannot See

The thing about spring cleaning is, you lose stuff as well as finding it. I have found an old microphone, a pile of 3.5'' disks, a music stand, several remote controllers, some boots, a dictaphone...and some dumbells.

I have also managed to lose my spectacles. And the mouse of this laptop. Which means although the wireless network is largely behaving itself, it's a pain to use, and although Greebo is recording TV shows like a lamb, I can't see them very well.

Oh yes, it seems the cure for the wireless cards was to install Windows XP - it worked for both me and mother, though neither of us know why.

Greebo works now I've taken off the casing, which means it was probably crashing through overheating, which means I didn't need to disconnect it from the intranet, reinstall the OS, and wipe the hard disc at all. Hah!

Anyway, I was going to make some music, before technology got in the way.

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