Wet Wet Wet

Sometimes Britain is hot, and sometimes Britain is cold. But always Britain is wet. We have three types of weather: Hot and humid, cold and humid, and raining. Today was British Weather Type 3, and I spent most of the day cycling through it.
There's an embryonic project on the boards of Outpost Gallifrey for a musical collaboration. I've offered my services as producer.
I'm trying to come up with a song for this week's songfight - with the title 'Rattle'. It's uphill work. I've got plenty of musical ideas, but nothing innovative.

The optional challenge is 'Moog it up' - a tribute to Robert Moog, who died this week. Synths at least I can do - even though Reason's Subtractor is far more Prophecy than Moog. Lyrics are without doubt the most difficult bit for me - even harder that staying in tune while singing them.
Strict Machines are playing the Old Vic pub on Friday, and I've invited Mark S along. The music is a little harder than his usual Neil Young/Crash Tesh Dummies/REM taste, but the chances are he'll fancy Anna something rotten.

The Vic is a gay pub with a 'friendly' atmosphere. I think Fridays are usually theme nights, but I can't remember if the next one is Bears or Trannies. Should be interesting eiher way ;-). Someone may even want to pay £1 for the CD - that's Compact Disc, not Cross Dresser.

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