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I've recieved a comment on my last post. It's an advert. Deep joy.
Two of the five Strict Machines tracks are now mastered. Two more (hopefully) later today. By the end of the week, I get my recording studio back.

There are three extremely irritating things about Paul T (guitarist). The first is that he's a self-obsessed arsehole who doesn't care about other people, except as recipients of his wisdom and musical genius. The second is that he explains every idea that passes through his head at great length, fully expecting every bad joke, obvious revelation or irrlevent aside to be gratefully accepted as life changing.

The third is that he's maybe half as good as he thinks he is, which makes him a great guitarist and interesting person to listen to. There is something worse than an arsehole, and that's an arsehole who's often right.

If only you can get over the self pity, mood swings, ego, and infantile humour.
Oh yes, the band got a miniature review of their last gig in the local rag. Here it is:

Strict Machines are a trio oozing raw primal rock'n'roll laced through with dark pop. With just guitar and drums, the music is earthy swamp beats with a plethora of influences running through it's veins and fronted by a baby doll goth vamp with a siren's call. Compelling.

If they can stay together - there's been arguments at every practice and recording session so far - the following will just grow and grow.
I just want to get back to writing and recording my own music. Though I've been completely unable to come up with more that half complete envelope scribblings lately.

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