Pet Sounds

So, we have a second dog.

Dino is small, fluffy, foxlike, extremely inquisitive and highly excitable. Any noise sends him into frenzies of yapping and running around. Just like a normal puppy, really.

He seems to have identified us as his owners already, and is inordinately pleased to see us when we've been out of the room for more than five minutes.

Mr Spock isn't used to having other dogs around, and is rather fascinated - or perplexed - by the sudden extra presence. Dino just doesn't like the competition. He's quite agressive, and I think it'll be a few weeks before they fully accept each other.
All tracks are now mixed, mastered, and arranged for CD burning. Which means all I have to do now is burn 50 copies of the EP. Oh, and buy some more CDRs to burn them onto, and some CD cases to put them into.

And all the band have to do is produce and insert the front and back covers.

I think we've all done a pretty good job on this demo. It did take so many weeks I'm not sure how long it's been, and the band have quarelled (by which I mean, the guitarist has thrown a few strops). But the playing and singing are both strong, and I think my production will get them a few gigs.

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