Secrets of the Songwriting Amateurs

I've got a backing track for 'Rattle'. It's no great departure for me - grungy synthpop, probably comparable to Depeche Mode.

I'm trying a technique of lyrics writing that involves letting phrases fall out of my head, using whatever rhymes I first think of, and constructing a 'first draft' from the result. Afterwards, I go back and, retaining the structure, rhythm, and sometimes 'tone' of the draft, change the words.

I seem to be more of a rewriter than a writer - which fits being more of a remixer than a producer.

Here are the lines that fell out of my head. They look almost like a proper song about angst and failing relationships, which may or may not mean anything:

Verse 1:
Give a metre
Take a mile
Say you want it
And fake a smile
See the future
Forget the past
Time on your hands
Rain on the glass

Take my advice and go now
Just go and walk away
Take my regret and go now
There's nothing more to say

There are no pictures on the wall
Put one foot out and start to fall

All a bit cliche. We'll see how much remains in the final version. We'll also see how on earth I work in a reference to rattles.

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