The demo is finished! Yay! I've got my computer back! Yay! I don't have to spend any more days getting backache sitting on the floor remixing songs again and again because the guitarist wants it his way and no other. I don't have to listen to band members prattling for hours about whatever's just crossed their minds. I can work in comfort on my own music. I'm exhausted.
Dino is settled in nicely. He must think I'm the pack leader or something, because he follows me around like a little lost puppy...erm, yes.

He's a lovely little dog - but then, all little dogs are lovely, and I'm especially fond of dogs. Even when they wake you up at five in the morning wanting to play, and may not be perfectly housetrained.
Someone has dumped a load of computer hardware in a skip. Obsolete but usable stuff - a dozen wireless network cards, a laptop, mouses and keyboards, a motherboard, plus miscelanious cables and mysterious box peripherals.

Most of it will doubtless not work, and will go back in the skip. But there's always useful stuff thrown away by people upgrading. Or downsizing.
Tomorrow will be spent...sitting in front of computers. Setting up an ebay account for Simon M and his brother, and probably lending them this here laptop to access it on. Testing out stuff from the skip. And reinatalling my own dear PC in it's rightful place - and hopefully comming up with some music on it.

It's been months since I entered the SongFight competition - there should be a new one starting tomorrow.
Oh yes, there is one non-computer-related (and non-dog-related) thing to do. My bicycle has aquired a dozen punctures in one wheel. So I'll have to find time to take it around the repair shop that sold it to me.

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