Everything that's been happening recently is still happening. That's how this week - indeed, this month - feels.

Simon M's net connection is now working just fine, and John M is off on holiday. So my two best clients have no need of my techincal abilities, and I'm feeling oddly lost with no broken down computers to fix up.

Simon wants to sell off 50 years worth of accumulated junk on Ebay, and would like some help from yours truely in setting up the account. Appointment for lunch and ebay tutorial on Friday.

Elsewhere on Ebay, Mother has bought a maroon electric mandolin. To go with the red electric violin.

H hasn't got back to me. Most likely because he's run out of phone credits - he does tend to do that. Mark S did get back to me, after arranging to meet, cancelling, arranging to meet again, not answering his phone for two days, and texting to apologise. Both true to form.

I have a forum to arrange on the 24th on the relation between imperialism and terrorism. The relationship is obvious, it needs be stated clearly, and the only people who listen are those who already know it.

Recording with Paul T tomorrow. This demo has come to be a burden, but at least we're reasonably near to finishing it.

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