Rattle, Shake, Roll

I have lyrics, more or less, for 'Rattle'. They're not exactly meaningful, but hopefully they sound like they should be. In any case, it's just to get me back in practice. Compare and contrast with the first draft of a few days back.

Something to do
Nothing to see
Ask a question
Tell me why
Say you want me
And fake a smile

Take my advice and go now
Turn back and walk away
Before i lose my language
But there's no words to say

There are no pictures on the wall
Take one step forward, start to fall

See the future
Lose the past
Mind out of time
First of the last
See it clearly
Stop and stare
You fake a laugh
Try not to care

Books of a dead religion
There's no one left can read
Chains rattle in a stone room
Long after all are freed

The Tascam DR01FX was the first digital 8-track that I thought would fit my needs for portable multitrack recording. After making out fairly extensive tables comparing competitors in the under-£500 price range, I still think it's the best.

It's got a 40GB internal hard drive - sadly not user upgradable. I did consider using compact flash systems, but they had their own deficiencies. It can't generate it's own guide drum tracks, but it's easy to make them in Reason on the laptop and transfer the files across USB.

Features I would like to have - upgradable hard drive, compact flash option, metronome capabilities, dynamic range over 85dB, and the ability to record to all tracks simultainiously - just don't exist in combination under £500 - or indeed under £1000.

And as for recording at qualities higher than 16 bit 44.1MHz - like 24 bit 96MHz - forget it.

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