Black Music

I often collect mp3s on the basis that, if I don't like them now, I may find them interesting later. It proves true often enough that I continue to do it.

I'm rediscovering the songs of 'Black', tucked away for the last five years on disc number 38, together with Placebo, Gary Neuman and 'The Best Rock Album in the World...Ever!'. It's mellow synth-and-guitar pop with melancholy lyrics - a bit like Kamakura when they're a 5-piece.
The early hours of this morning will be spent listening to other mp3s, unwrapping 60 blank CDRs. The following early evening hours will be spent burning far too many copies of the Strict Machines' EP onto them - probably while listening to some of Paul T's vast and ecclectic vinyl collection.

Mine is a life spent in music ;-).
Anna's collegues at work (a newspaper) said they could design and print the CD covers. Turns out they couldn't, so I rather hastily did it myself. It's been a decade since I was a professional graphic designer, and I don't have all the right software. But it should be adaquate.

Anna is getting stressed out - the result of being a perfectionist with too many committments and not enough appreciation. She promised to take time out from overtime, family, martial arts, the band, and being the strong reliable friend of everyone else who's feeling stressed out.
I have discovered the archives of the defunct Goodbye! Magazine. Much more fun and more truthful than Hello!, it's just a collection of honest - and honestly undiplomatic - obituaries of recently dead celebrities, notables, and famous oddballs "on the margins of respectability".
Dino and Spock are getting to know each other. Dino is much as Spock was ten years ago - excitable, yappy and affectionate. Absolutely fascinated by whatever grabs his attention, until in an eyeblink he gets distracted and is absorbed in something else. And with a strange compulsion to rip up tissue paper.

One thing. It now proves impossible to sneak downstairs for a snack at three in the morning, because Dino is instantly wide awake, barking, full of joy and demanding to play. It call this the 'Puppydog Diet'.

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